What the *Bleep* is an Apothecary ?!?

Great question. Unless you got a 2400 on your SAT, you might have never have heard of an “apothecary”.

Simply put, an apothecary is an old world herbal pharmacy. Purveyors of herbal medicine as has been dispensing barks and berries and roots for thousands of years around the world.

Today in america, a typical modern pharmaceutical pharmacy is a tightly secured fortress filled with synthetic chemicals that could be dangerous if abused or misused.  Today’s pharmaceuticals are so powerful that they could easily lead to death if misused, leading organization like the FDA to put tight security oversight on their wares.

In a traditional herbal pharmacy… or apothecary… however, things are much safer. Much less dangerous and definitely more inviting. At Turtle Creek Apothecary (co-located with our Austin Acupuncture Clinic), you are invited to visit, ask questions, look, and even smell the wide variety of Chinese herbal medicines.

We are currently in the process of growing & expanding our offerings and intend to offer…

Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas in capsule and powdered tea forms.

Raw herbal formulas (this will be a while since government regulations have recently changed).

Herbal medicines for Animals.

Snow Lotus Brand Aromatherapy oils.

A Complete line of Standard Process “Whole Food” Nutritional Supplements .

At Turtle Creek Apothecary, we specialize in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines. Most other herb shops focus on “western” herbs & vitamins. We’re very different.

In business since 1999, we are in the process of shifting from serving solely our acupuncture patients with herbs to “opening our doors” to the world at large.

We originally opened our doors in 1999 as “Center for the Healing Arts” but then switched our name to “Austin Acupuncture Clinic” a few years later. What has never changed is our focus and appreciation for the power of traditional herbal medicine.

I welcome you to visit our office located in the “Arts & Theater District” of beautiful downtown Austin, Minnesota.