Cancer Prevention

I found this in an e-mail we got from the “Hormel Institute” here in Austin, which is one of the worlds premier research institutions investigating cancer. I find it interesting;

“An estimated 40 percent of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making lifestyle changes. Diet is the second biggest risk factor related to cancer development, right behind smoking. Make sure you’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables to help lower your risk of developing cancer.

Here’s a list of foods and an anti-cancer natural compound found in each that has been studied by The Hormel Institute:

• Dark chocolate – catechins
• Mushrooms – lectin
• Ginger – gingerol
• Tomatoes – lycopene
• Onions – quercetin
• Walnuts – omega-3
• Cranberries – proanthocyanidin
• Broccoli – sulforaphane
• Carrots – beta-carotene
• Spinach – lutein
• Peppers (jalepenos) – capsaicin
• Blueberries – resveratrol
• Strawberries – lupeol”