Restless Leg Syndrome

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For many Americans, the evenings can become torture due to that incessant need to move their legs. That creepy, crawly, uncomfortable feeling causes a person to move, twitch and constantly readjust, trying to quiet down the legs and get comfortable. That irritating feeling leads many to their doctor for relief. Today, the leading medication Mirapex is selling very well regardless of its numerous side effects, which cause many patients to discontinue their medication after just a few days of use.

Thankfully there is a simple and effective treatment for RLS which as been shown in clinical studies to be as effective as the drugs prescribed by doctors; Acupuncture.

A short course of acupuncture can quickly eliminate the creepy, crawly sensations in your legs. Please read about this simple and affordable treatment in this article below. Then feel free to call us a (507) 434-8700 with any of your Questions. There IS something you can do about it!

What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

“Creepy, crawly, unpleasant tugging and pulling”. These are some of the ways people with RLS describe the sensations preventing them from relaxing and get a good night sleep.

Yet RLS is not just an annoyance. It is often a sign of potentially severe underlying neurological and hormonal dysfunction in the body that if left unchecked, will continue to manifest as an increasing number of health problems.

You can think of Restless Legs as a warning light on the dash board of your car… an annoyance. Perhaps something you may be able to ignore for a while. But like a warning light in your car, this signal is an early indicator of something critically wrong and if left unchecked will escalate into even more severe problems rather quickly.

Simply by going to the doctor and getting medications which dumb down the nerves to hide the symptoms does nothing to actually correct the problem. You are still left fundamentally unhealthy. It would be as if you pull the bulb from the warning light to make it stop flashing its warning.

What Can Be Done?
Thankfully there is a simple and affordable option for those suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce or eliminate symptoms of RLS in 91.1% of clinical study participants without causing any unwanted side effects. And what is even better… those results lasted months on end with no follow up treatments needed. Mirapex must be used daily for the rest of your life.

Acupuncture Is The Treatment of Choice For RLS.

Acupuncture is so effective that we often have seen patients come in to be treated for some other problem but quickly see improvement in their restless leg symptoms.

Generally, treatment for restless leg syndrome requires what might be considered by some to be a significant amount of treatment to give lasting results. Typically we see patients for a total of 12 visits to address this otherwise impossible to solve problem. Those twelve visits are done over just a few short weeks, and patients routinely start seeing improvements after just a 2-3 treatments.

Unfortunately, what sometimes happens is that after a patient sees the first signs of improvement, or gets their first quiet night of sleep, they erroneously believe that the therapy has cured them of their problem and that they can simply quit their remaining sessions of acupuncture.

Like a good doctor encouraging their patient to finish all 10 days of their antibiotics, I always encourage my patients to finish their entire course of treatment even after their symptoms disappear. By doing this, we can often times completely address the underlying issues which causes the symptom and prevent it from returning weeks or months later.

If you or someone you love is dealing with Restless Legs, or having an otherwise difficult night of sleep, I encourage you to give us a call. We love helping our patients and their friends and relatives through their tough times by getting them feeling better fast! Call us, and we will assist you in putting together a customized treatment plan. It’s not an expensive luxury anymore! With our affordable fees, it’s less expensive than you think!

You really can afford Acupuncture care!

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