Walking your way to a slimmer body

The evidence has been laid out, case is closed, the jury has returned. After years of disbelief that this is even possible, it seems that the absolute best exercise to loose weight is a leisurely half hour walk every day. Up until recently, the conventional wisdom was that you had to burn off tons of calories by sweating away in the gym for hours a day. Not so. Apparently, working out hardcore is actually counterproductive to weight loss. What happens is that the intense exercise triggers the body to produce ghelin hormone which increases the appetite and causes you to eat more than you otherwise would if you didn’t exercise or exercised moderately as in… a daily half hour walk.

A daily half hour walk (6 days a week) is the magic bullet for the vast majority of us looking to loose 20, 30 or even more pounds. The only improvement they could find was the recommendations of carrying a pair of 2 lbs. weights as you walk. How much simpler can it get?