Varicose Vein Testimonial

Greetings, everyone!

I wanted to tell you about Gary. Gary originally came into our clinic for lower back pain. His back was really messed up and will be needing surgery in the distant future... but I digress... Gary; being an avid softball player his whole life and working on a hard concrete factory floor for 30+ years has developed some wicked varicose veins.

You, know, the big, bulgy squiggly kind that are impossible to miss. I mentioned our Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Tea and he bought a bottle... then another one... and one more... After just 3 weeks his varicose veins were virtually invisible. They had shrunk and lightened to the point that he no longer had any pain or tenderness in his legs and was able to proudly wears shorts to the gym again. 

Fast forward a year later and Gary still brags up his tea; absolutely astonished that it was possible to improve the appearance of his veins with just a little tea. Gary has been such a cheerleader for the tea that I wanted to publicly thank him for spreading the word about us and our product.