Are You More Yin or More Yang?

Yin; Night Below Interior Feminine Stillness Contraction Receiving Silence Water Cold

Yang; Day Above Exterior Masculine Action Expansion Giving Speech Fire Hot

The concept of yin & yang goes back to its earliest reference in 700 b.c. in the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Changes known as the “Yi Ching”. They are not, in themselves physical substances. Yin and yang represent opposing but compliment260px-Yin_yang.svgary forces. They flow into each other and contain seeds of the other. We only understand something when compared to its opposite. This is the root of yin & yang theory. It is often illustrated in the famous yin & yang symbol which illustrates the concept quite clearly; it is one figure composed of two halves, each housing a small part of the other. Nothing is totally yin and nothing is totally yang, each eventually shifts, and changes and becomes the other. The concept of yin and yang is an important fundamental concept in Chinese medicine.

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, the philosophy is to restore a balance within the body; including to harmonize the proper yin and yang balance and function of the patients body. A healthy body is one that maintains the great harmony of balanced yin & yang.

So are you more yin or more yang? It’s a trick question because we are always shifting and changing in an effort to maintain balance between the two. When we are sound asleep, we are more yin; when we are working out, we are doing something more yang. If we are 6 years old, we are definitely more yang; when we are 86, we are definitely  more yin.

This can also be seen in our personalities. Both men and women have aspects of both yin and yang and our own unique balance of the two. Often times if we find ourselves having a problem within our selves, we might be able to identify it in terms of yin and yang and then begin to go about addressing it in an effort to re- harmonize this proper balance.

Hope that helped.