Early Alzheimers Test

Although not a definitive test, researchers have noticed a strong correlation between the loss of smell for peanut butter and Alzheimer’s disease. The link between the two is so strong that many researchers suggest that it is a relatively reliable test for detecting early stage Alzheimer’s… perhaps even in ones 40’s and 50’s.

How you do it is hold one nostril closed and then bring the jar of peanut butter closer and closer to the nose. Then repeat for the other side. Is there a difference between the sides?

b0d743fd305016522f0cc6366280d348Researchers warn that people doing this test wouldn’t get all worked up if they find a difference in ability to smell because there can be “false positives” due to various things such as olfactory nerve damage, etc (have you ever gotten punched in the nose?). See your doctor instead. And then do the 100 things shown to support brain health.

One of the things to remember is that Alzheimer’s is a gradual disease which takes years (or even decades) to manifest. It doesn’t just show up over the course of a month or year. Early detection and proper diagnosis can offer patients many options to prevent and ameliorate the effects of this deteriorating brain disease.

Just remember… there is plenty of things you can do to slow its progression… especially if you detect it early and begin addressing it early.

In another post, I’ll list out the many things you can do to support brain health.

In good health… Jason