Exercise Shown to Reduce Stress Significantly

A recent study published in the journal Sports Medicine shows that doing  weight bearing exercises (weights, bands, body weight squats or planks, for example) twice a week or more can cut anxiety symptoms by a whopping 50% within just two weeks. 

This is of great significance since pharmaceuticals have a mixed track record of effectiveness with these conditions.

This study supports numerous previous studies showing the positive mental health effects of exercise. So if you struggle with anxiety or depression, talk to your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to start an exercise program and then start.

If nothing else, just start with a few push ups or hold yourself in the “plank position” for a length of time. It looks easy, but you’ll quickly see just how difficult holding a plank is.

By beginning to lift weights off of the floor, they, in turn, will likely lift a good deal of the emotional weight off of your shoulders.

And by the way…  even if you don’t struggle from these issues, you might as well take advantage of this bump in mood by lifting weight… so go get your sweat on…