Happy Winter !!!

Uugh… Winter! Cold, dreary, desolate & miserable. Can you think of any other negative terms we all seem to use to describe this time of the year? I bet you can. Truthfully, I actually dig this whole winter experiance thing; sure, its cold out there (sometimes spine-snappingly cold), but just think of the positive trade offs that we are getting; we get some of the greatest holidays such as Christmas and New Years Eve and Valentines Day, all of which involve friendly get togethers, great food and lots and lots of snuggling with those you love and admire by an open fire.

While many people see December 21st as the 1st day of winter and cringe just thinking of the long and arduous frozen slog ahead towards spring, what I see is the Winter Solstice signaling the very “bottom” of winter… the day that has the least amount of sunlight and longest night here in the northern hemisphere. From that day forward, we are ever so slowly creeping towards longer days & the warmth of spring. Fore without winter, we cannot have the beauty of spring in just those few short weeks.

So let us embrace winter and all of which she offers; the beautiful snowfall draped picturesque scenes, the sounds of children’s laughter while sledding down Skinner’s hill, the silence of that nighttime walk through the Nature Center, and all of the joyous, magical moments we share with our loved ones indoors. I wish you and your entire family a warm and peaceful winter season to come…