What is your word for 2020?

What is the one single word that you can carry around with you all year long that crystallizes or symbolizes or just reminds you what you need for the year?
A patient told me about a day long retreat she went on with her church last year where they spent the whole day honing and refining and sorting out all of those bits of personal knowledge and information to pick their one single word for 2019. For some, she told me, it was “Love”. For another it was “strength” and for another, “laugh”.
With this word, they would carry it around for the entire year as a steady, ever present reminder of what they need or need to focus on whenever they felt uncentered or adrift. Whenever life gets a bit jumbled or you’re not quite sure what to do or what to focus on, return to their word. Think it, repeat it, consider it and make the next step. It's like beacon in the night... always there to guide you. Some people incorporate their word into their morning routine to start their day, almost like a mantra that defines and sets the tone for their day.
What are some other words that I heard people use?
“Let go”.
“Just be”.
“Drive hard”.
Even though these are just single words, to the person, they mean volumes. The person knows what all they entail. A single word can symbolize an entire life philosophy or years’ worth of goals or an entire life’s purpose; Big things wrapped up in the smallest of packages. And what a word may mean to you or me may mean something completely different to someone else.
I think this is a great idea. So take some time today, maybe go for a quiet walk and listen for your word. It will come. Maybe it’s take some time or some work to find your word. Or maybe it’ll just come to you in a most obvious way. Or maybe you already just intuitively know what it is.
So what’s your word? (but don’t tell me here… this is your own personal, private word, signifying what you alone need. It isn’t for anyone else to judge.)
I hope you and your family have a wonderful, prosperous and verdant 2020.