Turtle Creeks Extreme Fatigue Tea

Turtle Creeks Extreme Fatigue Tea

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Our months supply of Extreme Fatigue Tea comes as a convenient instant tea packed in four bottles. Turtle Creeks Extreme Fatigue Tea has been used for centuries to revive and reinvigorate a tired body. This specially formulated tea contains 8 Chinese herbs long known to rev up a chronically tired body. You simply stir 3 small scoops of powered instant tea in hot water and enjoy three times a day.

This type of formulation has literally been used since the 1600's to relieve chronic exhaustion.

This tea contains a combination of Rehmannia root, Dioscorea root, Cornus officinalis fruit, Lycium berries, Eucommia bark, Cuscuta chinensis seed, Angelica root, and Cinnamomum bark.

What Do I Get?

This is a 1 month's supply if used daily as recommended, so you will receive 3 bottles of our instant herbal tea granules. Plus a handy 1 gram measuring spoon.

How Do I Take It?

Turtle Creek's Extreme Fatigue Tea helps improve overall function of the body and can be noticed very quickly. sometimes within the first day. It ""warms the interior and tonifies the yang" according to Chinese medicine. This is commonly experienced as cold hands and feet, fatigue and overall chronic weakness associated with getting older. Our tea is meant to be taken for a full month to "rehab" the body. So we suggest taking 3 small scoops of our tea three times each day for a full month. Some people take it periodically before doing something physically strenuous or drink it in place of their daily coffee for a "pick me up".

How Fast Should I See Results?

It depends. You should see results starting somewhere between from a day to a week. The results will accumulate from there. We suggest that you continue to keep taking the tea for the entire month even after you see positive changes to solidify the results and prevent the weak bladder from returning.

Why Tea And Not Capsules?

We can get it for you in capsules if you wish (just call us), but our experience is that drinking the tea is more effective than swallowing pills. One explanation is that the taste buds are activated with these complex flavors and send signals to the brain through the taste and olfactory cranial nerves, thus potentiating the effect of the tea. By swallowing capsules, you do not get this extra layer of therapeutic effect.

How Does It Taste?

Most people find it a quite agreeable flavor. But I have to be honest and tell you that it is an unfamiliar flavor… not bad… just different. The tea tastes slightly sweet, slightly earthy and slightly pique, like a dry red wine. It is a unique combination of flavors. So it may be an unfamiliar flavor to you at first, but people usually begin to find it’s actually pleasant and enjoyable. There is, of course a small group that take one sip and never want another; For those people, I would encourage them to try it a second time, or water it down a little bit or sweeten it. If you find that you are one of the few who absolutely cannot enjoy it, please do send it back to my office


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