Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Tea
Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Tea
Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Tea
Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Tea

Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Tea

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Zeng & Zeng's Varicose Vein Tea is specially formulated to reduce and eliminate painful and unsightly distended varicose veins. Studies conducted by University Hospitals found this herbal formula to be effective in 95% of those people who took it for 28 days with 47.5% of them seeing complete disappearance of all signs of their varicose veins.

Made with a combination of seven herbal ingredients which have been used for centuries by traditional physicians in the orient, this formula is just now being introduced to the west. 


How Does It Come?

You get three bottles of Zeng & Zengs Varicose Tea, which comes conveniently packaged in small 86 gram plastic caddies (about the side as a can of soup).  You simply mix 3 small scoops of the powered instant herbal tea (each about a half teaspoon) into warm or hot water, stir to dissolve the instant tea and enjoy.


What should you expect for results at the end of the 28 days?

●Congested veins level out, swelling and painful lumps disappear and unsightly purple veins lighten and fade.

●Spider veins shrink and lighten and vanish.

●Dark spots on your lower legs lighten and fade.


How Does It Taste?

Most people find it a quite agreeable flavor. But I have to be honest and tell you that it is an unfamiliar flavor… not bad… just different. I suppose that is because the American palette is so used to only a small number of flavors. The tea tastes slightly sweet, slightly earthy and slightly pique, like a dry red wine. It is a unique combination of flavors (that’s an interesting aside note; that Chinese herbs get categorized by their “flavors” to distinguish the effects they will have on the body. An example is that “sweet” flavors affects the spleen, “sour” effects the liver, “bitter” flavors effects the heart, “acrid” foods effect the lungs and salty flavors effect the kidneys. Interesting.). So it may be an unfamiliar flavor to you at first, but people usually begin to find it’s actually pleasant and enjoyable. There is, of course a small group that take one sip and never want another; For those people, I would encourage them to try it a second time, or water it down a little bit or sweeten it. If you find that you are one of the few who absolutely cannot enjoy it, please do send it back to my office.

How Often Do I Take It?

The recommended dosage is 3 grams (which is about 1 ½ tsp) three times each day. We'll even send you a handy-dandy measuring spoon with your order to take out any guess work :-).  It seems important to take at least this much for optimum effect, but also not to attempt to consume it all in one sitting. You don’t need mega doses. By spreading the tea over the three times a day, you are in effect, gently nudging the body to repair and heal your veins. Healing takes time, and we can’t force it to go too fast. The metaphor I like is that healing varicose veins is like tending a back yard garden; You dig and weed and hoe and seed and water and finally, when Mother Nature has been given the time she needed, bears a wonderful bounty. It cannot happen overnight and you can only do so much "weeding" each day.

Will I See Changes Overnight?

No, “Zeng & Zeng’s Varicose Tea” gently nudges the body to better health triggering the body to perform better. Healing takes time; there’s nothing we can do about that. Just as an athlete cannot see instant overnight transformations in their physicality by going to the gym on the first day, neither can we. Be patient. Most patients begin to notice visible changes within 7-21 days.


How Is It Made? Are There Twigs And Berries In There?

No. “Zeng & Zeng’s Varicose Tea” is a fast dissolving instant herbal tea powder and is manufactured in two distinct steps. The first is the manufacturing process where they take the raw ingredients from the farmers and transform them into the powdered instant tea. They do this by a rather complicated process where they take the raw ingredient and boil them in large industrial cauldrons to extract the active components; they then dry the extract into a fast dissolving instant tea powered. From there, this particular formula is created at the MayWay factory pharmacy when a master herbal pharmacist actually creates your product when you order it. That’s right! Your product is custom made to order only after you order it! So you are guaranteed the absolute freshest product and not one that has been manufactured and sitting on the shelf for years. Literally; when the pharmacist gets your order, they will pull down the 7 individual ingredients off the pharmacy shelf, measuring out specific amounts of each and combine them into a single powder and finally sealing the bottles and labeling them just for you. This is the way Chinese her bal medicine has been dispensed for thousands of years; small batches for individual patients.

How Long Will I Have To Take This?

Chinese medicine is different from modern pharmaceuticals. For most modern pharmaceutical medications, once your doctor puts you on them, you may be on them for the rest of your life. Zeng & Zengs Varicose tea is different; You should only need to take it for about 4 weeks. Even after you stop, the veins should continue to shrink (that is because healing takes time and it takes time for the body to repair and renovate & repair itself). If you feel that you are seeing results after 2 weeks or so, but feel that it’ll take a second round to affect the best effect, you can make a second order of three bottles (order early so you get them in time). But typically, a single three week course of treatment is enough to reduce or eliminate unsightly and uncomfortable spider and varicose veins.

My Varicose Veins Are Really Bad. Will Three Bottles Over 28 Days Be Enough?

Everybody’s body behaves differently to whatever we put into it. What works like a miracle for one person may not do much, if anything for the next person. Luckily, the vast majority of us will always fall somewhere in the middle. But common sense would tell us that if your veins are “off the chart” bad, you may consider continuing on for a second round. Still a small price to pay. What I do encourage is that you only initially order the three bottles as a “test run”. If you need more, we can send you more.

All Medicine Has Side Effects. What About This Product?

Most pharmaceuticals and even "over the counter" medications have many small or large side effects because they are so very potent. Often they are so strong that a doctors measure dosages in micrograms. With Zeng & Zengs Varicose Tea, we are using whole herbs which have a naturally “buffering” effect. Since many of the ingredients are used by cardiology patients, you should expect to see an improvement in the health of your cardiovascular system. Because this product contains herbs that “invigorate the blood”, those people on blood thinners such as Coumadin or Warfarin, should not use Zeng & Zengs Varicose Tea. Besides that, there are no known counter-indications with western pharmaceuticals with this product. For the rest of us, there should be no noticeable negative side effects. Should you see some after beginning this product, discontinue use until you can determine whether or not the strange new symptoms are caused by the tea or something else. Always consult your doctor with any concerns you may have.
Is There a Guarantee That This Will Work?

Of course not. This is medicine. In the same way that your pharmaceuticals from your doctor have no guarantees to work, neither can this. What I do guarantee though is that the studies done by the doctors Zeng & Zeng are real, the patients of my own that have used this product are real and the testimonials are honest. And the research done on the individual ingredients are very well studied and proven to work. With that being said; if you are of the mind that you have somehow been wronged or that I have somehow misrepresented this product, I of course, want to make it right, so contact me and I’ll refund your money promptly and with no ill feelings.


Is It Safe?

Absolutely. Chinese herbs have undergone several thousand years of trial and error and rigorous modern safety studies. The ingredients in this formula are known to be safe when used as directed (but if you choose to take 100 times the recommended dosage, you are so on your own). Plus, our manufacturer insures safety and quality by subjecting its products to both “in house” and “third party” testing analysis for a whole range of harmful heavy metals, chemicals and microbial factors.  Safety is our number one priority.


The Study

This particular formula was first studied by Zeng Liang Ju & Zeng Tao in China. What they discovered was that this formula was 95% effective in reducing or eliminating varicose veins in people with signs of “Blood Stagnation”.

In one clinical trial, 40 patients who were diagnosed with what the Chinese medical practitioners call “Blood Stasis Obstruction” causing varicose veins were prescribed a herbal tea combination containing 7 commonly used medicinal herbs long known for their ability to combat “obstructions, nodulations and ‘stagnant blood'” in Chinese parlance.

The tea contains seven key ingredients;

1. Bai Shao (Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorea- Peony root)

2. Fu Ling (Poria Cocos- Tuckahoe)

3. Ren Dong Teng (Caulis Lonicerae – Honeysuckle stems)

4. Si Gua Luo (Luffa Cylindrica – String Melon)

5. Gan Cao (Radix Glycytthizae – Licorice root)

6. Quan Xie (Buthus Martensis –Dried Scorpions)

7. Hong Hua (Safflower flower petals)

They drank a small cup of the herbal tea three times a day for 28 days.

Of the 40, 19 (47.5%) were considered “cured” of all signs of varicose veins (Which they defined as disappearance of clinical signs and symptoms. The tortuous veins had become level, the blood vessels were free flowing and uninhibited, static blood had disappeared and there were no reoccurrence at the one year follow up).

Twelve patients in the study (another 30%) saw what researchers considered “obvious improvement” (meaning that the signs and symptoms had obviously improved. The congested veins had basically leveled out, swollen lumps and static blood had largely dispersed, but there were recurrences at the one year follow-up).

Another 7 patients (7.5%) showed only some improvement (meaning that the congested veins had reduced in size and the swelling and pain as well as the static blood signs had improved compared to prior treatment.

In fact only 5% of the patients in the study showed no signs of improvement with their varicose veins.

• 47.5% Had all signs of varicose veins disappear.
• 30.0% Had obvious significant improvement.
• 7.5%   Had some improvement.
• 5.0%   Had no improvement.

If you do the math; that’s 95% of the people seeing improvement!


The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health condition or concern, consult your physician or provider. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing new exercises.  Zeng & Zengs Varicose Tea should be avoided by anyone under 18 years old, by pregnant and nursing mothers, elderly (over 65) or sick persons especially those with bleeding, peptic ulcers or those with hemorrhagic conditions or those currently taking prescription blood thinners. If you have any medical conditions or are taking medications, talk to your doctor before consuming Zeng & Zengs Varicose Tea.