Why Chinese Herbal Medicine

“Really?!? You really want me to drink powdered roots and twigs and you expect me to believe that it’s going to get rid of my varicose veins? Nonsense! I don’t believe in that silly herbal Chinese third-world-mumbo-jumbo medicine.
I need real medicine!”

The thing is, Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest, most complete and most researched form of medicine on the planet. It dates back 5000 years and has been undergoing constant transformation that whole time as new information and insights are discovered. More patients receive Chinese herbal medicine than drugs on any given day (by far) and there are more physicians around the world prescribing herbs than pharmaceuticals on a day to day basis.

Here’s a point to take into consideration; 95% of the worlds pharmaceuticals produced every year are consumed by Americans, yet we account for less than 3% of the world’s population. That just seems goofy to me. On the other hand, China (who has almost 20% of the world’s population) uses almost no pharmaceuticals. Plus… their life expectancy is just about the same as ours.

So, I have to ask myself (and you can ask yourself the same rhetorical question); what do they use for medicine? Well, it turns out that they use mostly herbal medicine to treat many of the same medicinal issues that our MD’s in American would prescribe drugs for.

Heck, even 15% of the prescriptions that German doctors write for patients are for herbs… and Germany isn’t some backwards, third world country, right?

Oh, an interesting fact… the term “herbs” is a bit of a misnomer. There are actually over 20,000 plants, minerals, animal parts and other natural substances that the Chinese use as “herbal medicine” for their medicinal effects.


Admittedly, a well stocked herbal pharmacy will only stock maybe 250-500 of the most commonly used herbs day to day. Patients of mine are often confused when I give them an “herbal” formula and there are crushed shells, rocks or other non plant items at the bottom of the bag. 

The fact is, there are so many more scientific studies done on “Chinese Herbs”, that the studies done by our American pharmaceutical companies look simply like a drop in the bucket by comparison.

So the point I’m trying to make is that there is such a massive amount of scientific data backing up the clinical medical effectiveness of each of the herbs in our herbal products such as “Zeng & Zeng’s Varicose Tea”.

So herbs work. There is no honest dispute about that fact. But don’t get me wrong… I’m not anti pharmaceutical by any means; Sometimes you DO want a drug that will restart your heart in the Emergency Room or antibiotic that will stop a deadly disease in it’s tracks. As far as I know there’s no twig tea that will do those things.

 The thing is, sometimes a powerful drug or surgery isn’t what is needed. 

Sometimes just a gentle nudge of an herbal tea over a months time can cause the body to correct itself. That’s the beauty of the human body… It’s designed to be healthy, stay healthy, and return to health as quickly as allowed.

 The nice thing about natural herbal medicines is that they are naturally “buffered” making them much safer than pharmaceuticals. What I mean is that when you take a pharmaceutical, you are getting a highly pure chemical created in a lab. Some are so powerful that even a fraction of a microgram is enough to have a big impact on the function of the body. That’s why drugs are so highly regulated and controlled by the federal government. If misused, they could often prove fatal.

On the other hand, natural herbal tea is the whole herb, whether it’s the leaves or berries or bark, etc. (and sometimes different parts of a plant have different healing effects). So if you are consuming a tea made of ginger root for an upset and nauseous stomach, you are in fact consuming several thousand naturally occurring compounds found in that ginger root. Same with carrots you eat or any other “whole” food you get nourishment from. When you take a drug made in a pharmaceutical factory or laboratory, you’re getting a very highly pure dose of whatever chemical it is. When you take a “whole” medicine like “Zeng & Zengs Varicose Tea”, you are getting thousands of naturally occurring chemicals harmoniously working together.


So... feel confidant as you click on our online store to order some today.