Turtle Creek 3 Cycle Fertility Program

Turtle Creek 3 Cycle Fertility Program

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An entire 3 month program consisting of 4 separate herbal formulas, each for the 4 distinct weekly stages of ones menstrual cycle. 12 bottles all together.

Many couples are turning to safe, gentle and effective approaches such as herbal medicine to reestablish fertility. More conventional approaches such as invitro fertilization and fertility drugs & hormones often leave the couple discouraged at the high cost and low rate of success.

Traditional Chines Herbal Medicine has long focused on fertility and reproductive health. Studies show it to be very reliable, safe and much more affordable than conventional approaches. Turtle Creek's Fertility Program offers women a time tested option to improve fertility safely and effectively.

Our program consists of 4 different herbal formulas which you take in coordination with your monthly cycle. Each formula is taken for a week at a time before moving onto the next phase. It commonly takes several months (menstrual cycles) to produce results, so just a single bottle or two would not suffice.


How Does It Come?

You receive a 3 month supply of herbs; a total of 12 bottles of 100 capsules each. 3 bottles of each of the four formulas (phase I, phase II, phase III and phase IV).


How Do I Take It?

This Turtle Creek Fertility Program consists of four different herbal formulas to coincide with the four phases of your menstrual cycle; "Menstual Phase" (the week of menstruation), "Follicular Phase" (the week following menstruation), "Ovulatory Phase" (week of ovulation) and "Luteal Phase" (the week before menstruation)

You take 5 capsules, three times each day. You can begin taking whichever formula that coincides with where you are in your cycle at the moment. You do not have to wait for your next menstrual flow.


What Does It Do?

These formulas contain herbs that are mild yet effective in regulating the menstrual flow and promoting healthy endometrial tissue. It gently harmonizes irregular menstrual cycles and eases PMS, thus preparing the body to function normally. You can find a more lengthy explanation on our blog. There are no pharmaceuticals or hormones in these herbal formulas. It also reduces menstrual pain, reduces inflammation and eliminates water retention, regulates endocrine system to promote production and secretion of hormones.


What Should I Expect?

Anytime a change is being made to adjust ones menstrual cycle, it takes several menstrual cycles to make the change. That is why we encourage an entire 3 month course of herbs. It is suggested that a couple not try excessively to get pregnant during the first month of treatment. The herbs need some time to gently nudge the body to better health and readjust the reproductive system to better function.


How Long Do I Have To Take It?

A course of treatment is considered three menstrual cycles (typically three months). Some women who didn't get pregnant within those first three months had seen noticeable improvements in other areas of health while taking our formula, but still needed additional courses of treatment (another 3 months) to become pregnant. Typically, if 3 courses does not produce a pregnancy, it may be time to investigate other treatment options.


Who Shouldn't Take This?

It is estimated that 25% of infertility is due to infertility of the male partner. This formula is for women only. If you consider your overall health to be totally out of whack, please consult an herbalist (or you can call us) to prescribe a more specific formula. 


How Well Does It Work?

Each of these herbs in these formulas have undergone vigorous scientific studies. One of the ingredient herbs (angelica root), for instance was shown to be almost 77% effective in relieving menstrual pain. In my own clinic, I have seen a pregnancy success rate of about 85%. 


What If I Get Pregnant While I Am Taking It? Is It Safe For The Baby?

The ingredients in these formulas are safe and gentle. Many are given to women specifically during pregnancy, and is formulated with the expectation that you will become pregnant during its use. Once you know that you are pregnant, you can safely and confidently discontinue use of your herbal formulas. 



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