Turtle Creek's Bladder Relief Tea
Turtle Creek's Bladder Relief Tea

Turtle Creek's Bladder Relief Tea

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Turtle Creek's Bladder Relief Tea  is one of the most comprehensive and most effective herbal formulas for Overactive or Weak Bladder. 

Many older Americans find themselves battling this very common problem… one that you may think is simply a normal part of aging. Truth is, it isn’t… or at least it doesn’t have to be. Many people find that after a while, their overactive bladder causes them to limit the things they love to do. It stops them from living their life to the fullest… on their terms. Turtle Creek's Bladder Tea can give you back control.

Turtle Creek's Bladder Relief Tea   contains herbs that “tonify yin, yang, qi and blood” in Chinese parlance. Clinically, it can be used to treat overactive bladder, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, post-surgical recovery, postpartum recovery, and many other conditions. It can also be used in healthy individuals to increase mental and physical functions, improve academic and sports performances, enhance longevity, and promote general wellness.

I’m recommending this herbal formula to those who deal with bladder control issues because of its ability to address both the symptom and the underlying causes of the symptom. It is also a tremendously effective formula for overall good health and wellness. And I’m sure you will enjoy it very much.


What Do I Get?

This is a 1 month's course of treatment, so you will receive 3 bottles of our instant herbal tea granules. Plus a handy 1 gram measuring spoon.

How Do I Take It?

Turtle Creek's Bladder Tea helps rebuild the foundation of your bladder health; not just temporary symptom relief like the pharmaceuticals for bladder control do. This takes time. Our tea is meant to be taken for 1 months to "rehab" the bladder. So we suggest taking 3 small scoops of our tea three times each day for three months but suggest you start with a one month course.

How Fast Should I See Results?

You should see results starting in about one to two weeks. The results will accumulate from there. We suggest that you continue to keep taking the tea for the one-to-three months even after you have regained total control of your bladder to solidify the results and prevent the weak bladder from returning.

Why Tea And Not Capsules?

We can get it for you in capsules if you wish (just call us), but our experience is that drinking the tea is more effective than swallowing pills.

One explanation is that the taste buds are activated with these complex flavors and send signals to the brain through the taste and olfactory cranial nerves, thus potentiating the effect of the tea. By swallowing capsules, you do not get this extra layer of therapeutic effect.

How Does It Taste?

Most people find it a quite agreeable flavor. But I have to be honest and tell you that it is an unfamiliar flavor… not bad… just different. The tea tastes slightly sweet, slightly earthy and slightly pique, like a dry red wine. It is a unique combination of flavors. So it may be an unfamiliar flavor to you at first, but people usually begin to find it’s actually pleasant and enjoyable. There is, of course a small group that take one sip and never want another; For those people, I would encourage them to try it a second time, or water it down a little bit or sweeten it. If you find that you are one of the few who absolutely cannot enjoy it, please do send it back to my office


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